Luffy Plush AM1512
One Piece Plushies: Luffy Plush Official Store AM1512
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One Piece Plushies: Luffy Plush Official Store AM1512


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Young pirate, become inseparable with the Captain of The Straw Hat Crew. To do so, get this Luffy Plush right now.

Luffy needs no introduction, but here are still a few things to know about him;Monkey D. Luffy is a pirate and the main protagonist of the manga and anime One Piece. His fondest dream is to become the Lord of the Pirates by finding the legendary One Piece treasure, hidden somewhere in the world by Gol D. Roger. According to him, being the Lord of the Pirates means being the one who enjoys unparalleled freedom in the world.

In addition, as the founder and Captain of the Straw Hat Crew, he is the first member to be a part of it, as well as one of the three strongest fighters in it, if not the strongest. He is also the unwitting founder of The Great Straw Hat Fleet, however he refuses to be its Captain, not wishing to deprive others of their freedom. Besides, if you want to expand your plush collection, the Chopper Plush Cosplay with Luffy is right at your fingertips.

So be part of Captain Monkey D. Luffy’s Crew. This plush with his effigy, will not leave you anymore and will follow you in all your adventures aboard the Thousand Sunny.

Young pirate, take your destiny in your hands and embark without further delay aboard the Thousand Sunny. Luffy and his crew await you there. Don’t hesitate to dive back into your favorite manga again and again. These objects are perfect to offer, decorate or even collect. Don’t wait any longer and seize this opportunity to live many unprecedented adventures

One Piece Luffy Plush Information:

  • Product Type : One Piece manga plush
  • Peluce Usage : Toy, decoration, collection, gift
  • Character Name : Monkey D Luffy
  • Size of the plush : 25 or 30 centimeters
  • Material : Cotton
  • Recommended Age : more than 3 years old
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